Biogas Production

Is the management of your biogas digestate costly and the distribution process challenging?

We offer production plants designed for digestate processing


Biogas digestate serves as a valuable fertilizer, though it presents certain challenges. There exists a potential for substantial nitrogen losses and the emergence of odor problems upon application. Utilizing biogas digestate can also pose difficulties due to its combination of organically bound and easily accessible nitrogen. Predicting the exact nitrogen impact is more complex compared to the utilization of commercial fertilizers. Moreover, organic fertilizers often lack an optimal nutrient composition. Crops frequently demand a considerably higher nitrogen content. While biogas digestate holds valuable nutrients, it is concurrently comprised of 92 to 98 percent water, resulting in unnecessary expenses and environmental repercussions during transportation and field distribution.

Our Solution

By investing in a EkoBalans digestate processing plant, the digestate undergoes dewatering, drying, and treatment utilizing our eco:P and eco:N solutions. This process allows for the reclamation of nutrients and organic substances. The extracted fractions can either stay within the local context or be acquired by us for utilization as raw materials in our soil amendment production.


Through EkoBalans' digestate processing solution, you secure a guaranteed outlet while simultaneously diminishing your carbon footprint, cutting transportation expenses, and decreasing the necessity for storage space.

Biogas production is a crucial aspect of sustainable energy generation and waste management. If handling and finding a market for your biogas digestate is costly and challenging, it can pose a significant hurdle for your operations. Processing the digestate from biogas plants can offer a way to address this issue while creating a more useful and valuable material.

Our digestate processing facilities aid in breaking down and transforming biogas digestate into products that may have higher demand in the market. This approach can also alleviate waste management and distribution issues while potentially generating valuable outputs. Additionally, it’s important to consider how these solutions align with your overall sustainability goals and ecological footprint.

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