EkoBalans Circular Fertilizer

EkoBalans Circular Fertilizer is a high-quality, circular fertilizing product suitable for gardens, green spaces, and all agricultural crops. We offer the market’s first pelletized and digestate-based circular fertilizer.

EkoBalans Circular Fertilizer is a pelletized product consisting of dewatered and dried digestate from biogas production, struvite, and ammonium sulfate, extracted using EkoBalans technologies, along with potassium chloride. With its high and balanced NPK content, it serves as a viable substitute for most fossil-based NPK products. Additionally, the product contains vitality-enhancing micronutrients and organic material that strengthen soil structure.

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Fertilizer that promotes essential soil health

Good soil health entails vibrant soils with well-functioning ecosystem processes and a high degree of resilience. Carbon storage in the soil and minimal leakage of carbon and nutrients are paramount. These factors are prerequisites for sustainable, long-term food production and green space management. Our circular fertilizer yields long-term positive effects on your soil health, fostering conditions for sustainable production.

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