Do you want to optimize your nutrient utilization? We can extract up to 50% more nitrogen from your liquid and digestate fertilizers!


Biogas digestate serves as a valuable fertilizer, yet it poses certain challenges. Notable among these challenges are the potential for substantial nitrogen losses and the emergence of odor problems during application. Additionally, utilizing biogas digestate can be intricate due to its combination of organically bound and readily available nitrogen. Predicting the precise nitrogen impact is more complex compared to the use of commercial fertilizers. Furthermore, the nutrient composition in organic fertilizers is often suboptimal, with crops frequently requiring a higher nitrogen content. While biogas digestate holds valuable nutrients, it is concurrently composed of 92 to 98 percent water, resulting in avoidable costs and environmental repercussions during transportation and field distribution.

Our Solution

By investing in an EkoBalans digestate processing plant, the digestate undergoes dewatering, drying, and treatment using our eco:P and eco:N solutions to reclaim nutrients and organic substances. The separated portions can either be retained locally or be acquired by us for utilization as raw materials in the manufacturing of our soil amendments.

The Result

Through EkoBalans' digestate processing solution, you secure a guaranteed outlet while simultaneously diminishing your carbon footprint, lowering transportation expenses, and reducing the requirement for storage space.

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