Food Industry

Let your waste and sewage be part of your core business - it's beneficial for you!


The food supply chain is vulnerable. It needs to become more resilient to withstand various types of crises. Therefore, a circular food industry is a necessity. A prerequisite for achieving a more circular food industry is to manage the underutilized resources present throughout the entire food supply chain.

Our Solution

EkoBalans assists you in identifying and finding greater value in the residual streams originating from food production. Through an investment in our processing facility, these streams are treated using our solutions eco:P, eco:N, and eco:S to recover nutrients and organic materials. The extracted fractions can then be purchased by us to be used as raw materials in our production of fertilizers and soil amendments.

The Result

Our solutions lead to new and improved businesses, reduced carbon footprint, and contribute to increased self-sufficiency.

By implementing resource flow and circular management strategies, you can assess how your waste and sewage can be transformed into valuable resources. Managing and transforming waste and sewage can reduce costs, minimize negative environmental consequences, and create economic benefits. Demonstrating your commitment to sustainability and the circular economy can also enhance your brand reputation and attract environmentally conscious customers.

It’s important to explore and analyze the specific opportunities that best suit your business. We are experts in this field and can help you maximize the benefits and minimize the risks.

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