Wastewater Treatment

What does the future look like as regulations tighten?
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A recent study on sludge suggests new guidelines encompassing both the quality and handling of sludge, along with phosphorus recovery. The sludge holds crucial nutrients that are better suited for agricultural use rather than being confined to mounds or landfills. Therefore, transforming your sludge into a sustainable product to bolster nutrient provision for farmland or other cultivation is a highly commendable approach. Future wastewater treatment facilities are expected to undertake a more extensive role, encompassing both sewage purification and recycling.

Our Solutions

EkoBalans' recycling plant represents the future of sewage management. Through our eco:P and eco:N technologies, we are capable of reclaiming almost all phosphorus and over 75 percent of nitrogen from wastewater. Additionally, with eco:S, we can isolate 90% of the cadmium content from the sludge and produce a valuable, phosphorus-rich sludge biochar.

The Result

Through EkoBalans' technologies, we attain a sustainable approach to sludge management, enabling the recycling of substantial nutrient portions that are subsequently refined into appealing fertilizers and soil enhancement products.

The future of wastewater treatment will be characterized by stricter environmental protection and sustainability requirements in legislation. Treatment plants will be compelled to explore opportunities to recycle resources such as nutrients and valuable materials in order to adapt to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach, rather than just treating it as waste.

It would be wise for treatment plants to act proactively by monitoring legislative developments, investing in new technologies and methods, and collaborating with experts and authorities to ensure long-term compliance and sustainability.

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