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The future is circular and EkoBalans has got the technology

Circular economy is the opposite of the toil and waste society. In a circular economy, we use the resources that already exist in society instead of new materials. For Eko Balans, circular economy means benefiting from residual flows from agriculture, sewage treatment plants and industry. If we had to decide, all residual flows, which contain phosphorus, nitrogen and substances that contribute to an improvement in the properties of the soil, would be called resource flows. Where there are resource flows, EkoBalans wants to work.

About us

About EkoBalans

EkoBalans has the solution for circular systems

At EkoBalans we want society’s organic residual flows to be used sustainably with completed cycles for plant nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus. That is why we deliver solutions for plant nutrient recycling and sustainable management of residual flows from sewage treatment plants, biogas plants, the food industry and agriculture. With these technology solutions, we refine the residual flows into high-quality fertilizers and soil improvement products.

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